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Nushin tells us about her experience as a trainee at Gowling WLG

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am currently undertaking my 3rd seat at Gowling WLG in the Real Estate team. Prior to this, I completed seats in Employment and Pensions and Commercial IT and Outsourcing.

During my Commercial seat I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to undertake a secondment at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games which although was a completely virtual experience due to COVID, it was a great learning experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

What stood out to you about Gowling WLG?

Gowling WLG stood out to me for many reasons. The firm has a strong international presence and this is shown through our array of clients across various disciplines. The lawyers at Gowling are leaders in the field and you will regularly hear of them in the media talking about the great work they do. Not only this, but the firm places a big emphasis on teamwork and this is very evident day to day and is of course incredibly important for a new trainee coming into the firm.

What is the culture like at the firm?

The culture at Gowling WLG is very supportive. As a trainee you want to get the best possible experience during your training and learn as much as you can and I feel you definitely do just that at Gowling. The teams are very friendly and genuine and you are always encouraged to ask questions as they want you do well and succeed.

What was your favourite aspect of your time as a trainee at Gowling WLG?

Being able to experience so many different areas of law and being surprised at how enjoyable areas which you may never have considered are.

What are your top tips to members going through the application process?

  1. Research – Make sure you research the firm in depth. Go further than just the firm website. Look at where they've been reported in the media, any big deals they have worked on and who their clients are. Also, remember the firm must  be right for you just as much as you have to be right for the firm so research is key.
  2. Don't give up – The process is very tough and there will be rejections. Don't let this put you off or make you doubt whether you have the necessary skills. Think about how far you have come already and make the next applications even better!
  3. Practice makes perfect – Learn from each application you make or rejection you receive. Ask for feedback and have someone read through your applications before you send them. 

What essential piece of advice have you learnt whilst working at Gowling WLG?

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. This will put you in good stead for the future and you'll be able to build on your skills even further to make you a well rounded lawyer.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Be yourself and have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Ask for support when you need it whether that be family/friends or people in the profession. You can always connect with individuals via LinkedIn and ask for advice or tips to help you with your applications.