How to start your own business

Commercial Awareness
40 - 60 minutes Intermediate James Uffindell
Heading onto a graduate scheme isn't for everybody, and in this module, our founder and CEO, James, takes you through what he loves about entrepreneurship, how to know if it's for you, as well as some of the key things to think about when starting you own business. If you're interested in starting your own business one day, this module should be essential for you.
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James Uffindell
James Uffindell
Bright Network, Founder & CEO
James is a serial entrepreneur, as well as the founder & CEO of Bright Network, which he built from an idea to a successful business employing over 40 people. As well as his own businesses, James is a strong supporter of young entrepreneurs, and acts as an Angel Investor and adviser to a number of SME's to pass on his knowledge.
1. What is an entrepreneur?
James goes into detail on what an entrepreneur is, the benefits of being one, and how to know if it's a career path you'd be interested in.
4 - 5 minutes
2. How to have an idea and assess it
So you've decided that entrepreneurship is right for you, but how do you go about having a business idea, and deciding if that idea is worth pursuing? James gives you his tips.
4 - 5 minutes
3. SWOT Analysis Template
This resource gives you a template to run SWOT analyses on your own business ideas. A SWOT analysis is a great way of looking at the pros and cons of your own ideas, products and strategies, or those of your competitors.
10 - 15 minutes
4. Building your business plan
All businesses have some sort of business plan. Here, James talks you through the benefits of having one, as well as the things you should be looking to include in yours.
5 - 6 minutes
5. Business plan template
So you've heard from James about why a business plan is useful and the kind of things you should be including. Now it's your turn to put yours together with the template we've created.
20 - 30 minutes
6. Financing a business
Financing your business is one of the most crucial things for you to sort out as your launching your idea. James talks through the four main ways you can finance your business and the pros and cons for each.
3 - 4 minutes
7. Top Tips to get ahead
James shares the top lessons he's learnt over the last 20 years of running his own businesses. From looking after yourself, to hiring the right people, there's a lesson here for everyone.
3 - 4 minutes
8. Good Luck!
You've had everything to give you the foundations for starting you business. Now is the time to get started. Good Luck!
1 - 2 minutes
9. Reading List
Learning the skills for your business will be a lifelong journey, and there's always more you can be picking up. Here's some more resources we'd recommend to get you on your way.
1 - 2 minutes
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