How to succeed at Assessment Centre

Application Processes
20 - 25 minutes Easy Joe Mackley
Our application expert, Joe, takes you through the key things you need to know when confronted with an assessment centre, focusing specifically on the group activity, and the presentation/written tasks you're likely to encounter. Once you've finished this module, you should have everything you need to know to succeed.
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Joe Mackley
Joe Mackley
Bright Network, Assessment Expert
Joe started his career at Bright Network designing and running the assessment processes of major graduate schemes across multiple sectors. He's an expert in what employers are looking for at all stages of the application process and shares these insights with you here.
1. Introduction
Joe gives an overview of the module and what we're looking to cover.
1 - 2 minutes
2. What are Assessment Centres?
Joe demystifies what an assessment centre actually is and why they're used. This lesson gives you an overview of what you can expect.
2 - 3 minutes
3. Group Exercises
Joe breaks down the different types of group exercise and how you should be tackling each one.
5 - 6 minutes
4. Practice Group Exercise
To help you know what to expect we've put together a practice group exercise along the lines of something you could receive at an AC. the document contains the exercise and answers so be sure to keep on the first page initially.
5 - 15 minutes
5. Presentation / Written tasks
What does a presentation or written exercise look like at an assessment centre, and how you should be looking to prepare for them.
3 - 4 minutes
6. Top Tips
Here are some top tips to take with you for all aspects of the assessment centre.
3 - 4 minutes
7. Final thoughts
Some final thoughts to take with you as you head into your assessment centres.
1 - 2 minutes
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