Practice numerical reasoning test

Application Processes
35 - 50 minutes Intermediate Jake Schogger
Numerical reasoning tests are one of the key stages that applicants fail at when they apply to their graduate job, but even though you may not be the most confident with numbers, there is a way to practice them and improve your skills. This module gives you tips on how to succeed, as well as giving you some free practice questions.
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Jake Schogger
Jake Schogger
City Careers Series, Founder & CEO
After starting his career as a corporate lawyer, Jake now works as a freelance business consultant for some of the most exciting growing businesses in London. While at university, he set up City Careers Series which offers a range of guides to help students break into competitive City-based careers. Since then, through his books and talks, Jake has helped 50,000+ students with their applications.
1. An Introduction to numerical reasoning tests
Application expert Jake Schogger gives you a brief overview of numerical reasoning tests
1 - 2 minutes
2. Example questions
We run through a question so you're clear on what to look for when tackling these tests.
5 - 8 minutes
3. Formula cheat sheet
Before you get started with the practice quiz we've put together some of the most common functions you're likely to encounter when completing numerical reasoning tests. Use this if you're feeling a bit rusty on things like percentages, average and ratios.
1 - 2 minutes
4. Practice numerical test
Now it's time for you to try a test yourself, we've got 2 scenarios and 8 questions for you to try here. These should give you a flavour of what to expect, we've got a slightly harder test for you to try later in the module. If you want to give yourself more of a challenge time yourself to see if you can complete within 20 minutes
15 - 20 minutes
5. Test walkthrough
We walk through some of the trickier questions from the last test.
3 - 4 minutes
6. Practice Numerical tests (harder)
For some roles, you may come up against some slightly harder questions - we've got a stretch question here to really test your skills. Do not be too disheartened if you struggle with some of these questions, they're designed to challenge you and you're only likely to come up against these in highly analytical roles.
10 - 15 minutes
7. Timed practice test
Congratulations on completing the module - practice a real test here.
60 - 60 minutes
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