Learning about strengths

Core Career Skills
40 - 50 minutes Easy Marianne Streete
Strengths based recruitment helps students and graduates discover where their core skills lie, encouraging them to find roles which they can really succeed in. EY was one of the first companies to use this method of recruitment, but it's increasingly being used by large firms. This module will help you to understand your strengths and how you can demonstrate your competencies, giving you the edge in an application process.
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Marianne Streete
Marianne Streete
EY, Student Recruitment Advisor
Marianne joined EY two years ago and manages the student talent attraction activity for the London office. She is passionate about the changing future of work for young people and thoroughly enjoys educating students at all levels on the opportunities available.
1. Introduction to strengths
Head of Student Recruitment at EY, James tells you why identifying your strengths is so important and how you can use them to be the best version of yourself in a graduate role.
6 - 7 minutes
2. The key strengths
Discover the six key strengths you need to succeed in business and how you can demonstrate them in application processes and beyond.
7 - 10 minutes
3. Putting strengths into practice
Hear how these key skill strengths are used every day in the working world from graduates at EY
6 - 8 minutes
4. Top tips to get ahead
The four essential top tips on using your strengths to be successful and make the most out of any role.
4 - 6 minutes
5. EY's strengths test
An opportunity to put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz.
5 - 8 minutes
6. Discovering your strengths workbook
The perfect opportunity to reflect on your key skills. In this workbook you'll be able to identify where your strengths lie and how you can bring them to any role.
15 - 20 minutes
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