Practice abstract (logic) tests

Application Processes
20 - 25 minutes Easy Ben Triggs
Many leading employers require you to complete an abstract (logic) test as part of the process. We tell you how to approach it and give you a free practice test to get you up to speed.
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Ben Triggs
Ben Triggs
Bright Network, Head of Membership
Ben works with university students, helping them make the best educational and career-related decisions. As Head of Membership at Bright Network, he oversees all the upskilling work the team does on campus and beyond. With a keen interest in commercial awareness, Ben edits Bright Network’s weekly Commercial Awareness updates, which have a readership of 16,000 students/graduates.
1. An introduction to abstract tests
Application expert Jake Schogger gives you a brief overview of abstract tests.
2 - 3 minutes
2. How to answer abstract questions
A step-by-step guide to answering abstract questions.
5 - 6 minutes
3. Practice abstract test
Use this free practice test to assess what you have learned from the module so far.
6 - 8 minutes
4. Introducing new types of questions
Sometimes abstract tests require you to identify other types of patters – here, we guide you thorough some of these.
3 - 4 minutes
5. Practice abstract test (hard)
You've tackled some of the easier questions. These are a little more challenging.
4 - 5 minutes
6. Closing thoughts
A summary of the key points from the module.
1 - 2 minutes
7. Timed test
practice a real test here.
10 - 15 minutes
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