Four things you can do to get ahead this holiday

After a long term at university, the Christmas holiday is the perfect excuse to take a breather, spend time with your family and eat obscene amounts of good food. It’s so important to take this time to reset your batteries, so you go back in January feeling healthy and refreshed. 

That being said, there a few things you can be doing over the holidays to stay intellectually stimulated and set you up for an even better 2017. Here’s our little list to help you stay productive – while you enjoy a well-earned break. 

1. Set yourself up with an internship or graduate job

The holidays are an excellent time to submit applications for summer internships and graduate schemes. Not only do you have more time to do the research and make each one stand out, many top firms are closing their applications in the coming weeks. 

In your final year? Here are the best graduate schemes to apply for in the next few weeks.

Looking for a summer internship? Don’t miss these upcoming deadlines.

2. Start filling in your new Calendar

A new calendar is a staple of a good Christmas stocking. During the holidays why not start filling in your Career Calendar as well. It’s really easy to add the roles and events you’re interested in to your calendar and then we’ll send you notifications when the application deadline is approaching. If one of your aims for 2017 is to be more organised, this will definitely help you out. 

Start adding opportunities to your Career Calendar.

3. Gear up for exams

Many of you will be heading straight into exams in the new term, so it’s worth preparing yourself for revision. This may sound odd but if you can become more efficient at revising, you’ll waste less of your holiday procrastinating and it will feel more like a break.  Take a look at how you can perfect your revision process.

Remember to take a break for a few days to relax, especially before and over Christmas. Set yourself manageable and clear times/days to revise and you’ll find you’re so much more productive.

4. Think about the year ahead

Let’s be honest 2016 has thrown up its challenges. A number of iconic figures have passed and the political landscape has dramatically shifted. The holiday is the time to take stock of what you personally achieved this year and where you want to be this time next year. These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions you’re almost certainly going to break by the end of January, but goals for the year ahead and action plans to achieve them. These could range from small wins to larger life changing achievements. 

Enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful Christmas.