How I did it: Securing my Business Tax role at Deloitte

Jenny dipped her toes into the world of tax advisory at Deloitte's Summer Vacation Scheme at Deloitte. It was during this experience that Jenny confirmed it was a career she'd like to delve into on a long-term basis and she is now on Deloitte's Business Tax graduate programme. We spoke to Jenny about what it was like as a newcomer in the tax industry. 

What was your biggest misconception before working here?

I think a lot of people have preconceptions about tax advisors, myself included. I didn’t really understand the job before I started. I thought tax would be really numbers-based, but it’s not at all. It involves research, proposals, and a lot of direct work with clients, advising them.

I was also worried that the job would be a bit overwhelming – in terms of all the information I’d need to get to grips with – and that I wouldn’t pass the exams. We only get two attempts at each one; but so far so good. And I’m really enjoying the challenge of the work I do.

I would definitely recommend doing the Summer Vacation Scheme in your penultimate year at university. I found it such a good indication of what the job is really like, and the firm get to know you before you go through the application process too.

Tell us something you didn’t know about your business area before you started?

There are so many rules in tax. There is a lot to learn, and people specialise early on in their careers because it’s not possible to learn everything. Tax is also constantly changing; new legislation every year keeps everyone on their toes.

This means there are lots of opportunities in tax. I love that I get to try lots of different things and different projects at the beginning of my career so that I can build up an understanding of what I enjoy and am good at. That will help me know what to specialise in further down the line.

What are the must-have skills for your job?

I would say the top three skills I need to do my job are organisational skills, good communication, and friendliness! I did have those before I joined, but I’ve become better at them since I’ve been here. I attended two courses on public speaking for example, so that really helped with my communication skills. I also feel more confident in doing unguided work, which has come with time.

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