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Skills to work on: 7 questions to ask yourself

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If you’re really passionate about working in marketing and with brands, you need to be constantly thinking about them and looking at what’s working and not working.

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Even if you want to work for a large brand like Coca Cola or Google; you also need to look at what other smaller companies are doing and how their campaigns might be working. It’s really important you keep abreast of trends so that you can use this knowledge to impress at interview stage or at an assessment centre.

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Here are seven key questions and statements you can think about which will help get your mind ready for your first step on the marketing career ladder...

  1. What current advertising campaigns have caught your eye? And why?

  2. What is the role of print marketing in an age where digital marketing is so prevalent?

  3. What marketing campaigns have you disliked? Why is that?

  4. Have  you bought anything recently that you don’t usually? Why was that? 

  5. Ask  your friends/family what they’re favourite brands are and why.

  6. Find marketing campaigns which have had to work on a tiny budget. How were they creative, successful?

  7. Look at design and logos of your favourite brands. Why do you like them? Have they changed over time?

If you enjoy thinking and analysing answers to these questions, then marketing, branding and product could be for you. 

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