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Celebrating Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

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Depth and meaningful impact have been the focus of global diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. More than ever, we have collectively recognized that our efforts are not enough — durable change is necessary. As the world embraces these concepts, so does Goodwin as we continuously strive to be unprecedented in the way we practice law, nurture and inspire our employees, and support our clients.

Our Mission

Goodwin seeks to become the most diverse, equitable and inclusive law firm in the industry. While diversity brings strength to our teams and firm, inclusion and equity help us ensure that everyone has a full voice and opportunity to succeed.

Forging Paths to Success

  • Gaining broad buy-in, alignment and ownership from leaders at every level
  • Focusing on our people and ensuring that underrepresented populations are fully engaged, enfranchised and connected to opportunity
  • Integrating diversity, equity and inclusion principles into every aspect of firm life

Measuring Our Success for the Future

By 2025, we have challenged ourselves to reach the below diversity milestones for our senior associate, partner promotion and leadership classes in regard to LGBTQ+, racio-ethnic, gender and demographic representation.

To Affinity and Beyond

Goodwin’s affinity groups raise awareness, support diversity, equity and inclusion competency, and create space for connection — which helps us achieve our goal of fostering a sense of belonging for everyone. Click on each affinity group’s image to learn more.

Expanding Opportunity

  • CRED@Goodwin (Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity) is a partner-led, firmwide initiative focused on identifying and implementing opportunities to promote racio-ethnic diversity within our firm.

Embracing Inclusion

  • Pride@Goodwin consists of LGBTQ+ professionals and allies at Goodwin focused on recruiting, retaining and advancing LGBTQ+ talent, plus creating a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment across the firm.

Empowering Women

  • Women@Goodwin includes lawyers, both men and women, who actively support the development and advancement of women at all stages of their careers.

Fueling Mobility

  • BOLD@Goodwin (Black Organization for Leadership and Development) serves as a collective voice for Black global operations team members and strives to promote community, recruitment, retention and career mobility.


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