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Top tips from Assistant Vice Present of Global Technology

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Assistant Vice President of Global Technology, Pooja Gulabani, shares her experiences during her time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.



What's the best part about your job?

The best part about my work would be my team. They're amazing people. It's a very close knit group. Not only do we like working together, we even hang out together after work. It's a great place where you can put in your ideas and people really do take them seriously and appreciate them.

Describe your typical work day

Our main job is to make sure that all the systems are up and running and keep enhancing these systems. You get to meet first hand users and talk to them about their requirements, and see how the industry is working, what's going on, and how it directly affects your work.

I have part of my team, which works from India, the other part that is in Texas, and others are here in London, so it's a truly global team. I think we learn a lot from each other in terms of culture, in terms of working styles, we get a lot of different perspectives and ideas, and it just gets the best out of the team.

What would be you top tip to share with others?

Great communication skills do matter in this industry. So, you need to go out and talk to people and build your network and be really pro-active. I'm a part of the women's network here and it has helped me in a number of ways. I meet a lot of senior women executives who had excellent experiences to share. It has helped me manage my time better. I get amazing tips from them and it has just improved my network a lot.

I chose Bank of America because it offered me a role where I could apply both because my education and qualifications which is business and technology and I'm glad I did that.