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My Journey as an MI assistant - Chloe's story

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We caught up with Chloe from CFC Underwriting to find out a bit about her unique background, how she secured her role at the firm and any advice she has for other members wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I studied Oceanography at the University of Southampton. After I graduated, I went to work on a coral restoration project out in the Maldives.  This was an incredible experience, but I realised that I couldn’t do this forever. Instead, I wanted to enter the corporate finance world on my return which led me to begin studying with the CII and is how I found myself where I am today.

What stood out to you about CFC Underwriting when applying for opportunities?

When looking for opportunities, I came across CFC’s careers page. Immediately I was impressed, it looked like a great work environment, and the firm appeared to really care about their employees. For me, it was important to know that I was joining a company that was both hard-working and somewhere where I could enjoy what I do.

Another stand-out factor was their core values of love what you do, challenge everything, have fun and be good. These values really resonated with me and confirmed that, yes, this was the type of company that I’d like to work for. Plus, it was clear that there were great career progression opportunities which, as someone joining at an entry-level position, was a key selling point.

On top of this, CFC has won numerous awards like the Top Insurance Workplace 2020 and has been mentioned in the Times as one of the best companies to work for, so this speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

What was it that drew you to apply for your current role?

With my background in Oceanography, I didn’t have much insurance experience behind me so the fact that it was an entry-level position was perfect as it came with lots of training. Since being at the firm, I’ve benefitted from many training opportunities and have developed so many new skills and built up more industry knowledge. The ability to work with different teams and collaborate with different clients interested me and has been a key factor that’s supported my development so far.  

What have your experiences been like in your role so far?

My experiences have been nothing but positive. I have already taken part in multiple activities such as training, volunteer days and charity events, giving me the opportunity to really get involved with the company.

My day-to-day usually beings with a team meeting where we catch up with each other, this is especially important when not everyone is in the office at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to work together, discuss the current work and support anyone who needs help – a team-based approach is important here. After this, I go off to do my own reports and liaise with internal and external clients. After work, I usually spend the evening socialising with colleagues.

Another thing to add is that since I’ve been here the company has been growing a lot, there are new people to meet every week so it’s a really dynamic and exciting environment to be in.

How did you find the application process for CFC Underwriting?

The process was short and simple. First, I submitted a CV and cover letter. And, after being successful in this stage, I had an interview with my team leader before progressing onto a second interview with more of the team. The interviews comprised mainly of competency-based questions but a lot of it was just about getting to know you on a personal level to make sure that you were a right fit for the team. They want to make sure that, yes, you can do the job. But also, that you’ll be a good team player.

Once I’d found out that I’d been successful I was invited to meet the team at a welcome lunch.

How would you describe the culture at CFC Underwriting?

I’d summarise the culture as friendly and engaging. It’s a very warm environment to be in where everyone is welcomed, and their opinions are valued. There’s also a real focus on both personal and professional development at the firm, and since being here I’ve received great support and funding towards my CII qualifications.

We’re quite a young company so it is really social, this is great as a new joiner as it helps you to meet the wider team and get to know everyone on a more personal level.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying to CFC Underwriting?

Show your passion and enthusiasm. Speaking from my experience, I think that it could have been very easy for my interviewer to see my Oceanography background and not take me seriously or think that I’d be right for the job. But, because I showed that I was motivated, that I’d already started studying and demonstrated a passion I was able to communicate that I was the right candidate.  

Just be friendly. At the end of the day, at CFC we are a team, and they want someone to join this. So, show how you will be an asset to the team and that you reflect their core values.

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