How I did it: Law Degree to a Career in Tax

Callie Rawson studied Law at the University of Reading. Here she explains why she chose to forgo a legal career to join 'Big Four' professional services firm Deloitte

In my final year at Reading I took a Tax module as I’d heard the lecturer was really good – it inspired me to look beyond the expected career path for law graduates and consider my options in the professional services sector. I was drawn to Deloitte in particular as I knew someone already on their graduate scheme. She gave me the inside scoop on the firm and I knew it’d be a great place to build my career.

I recommend heavily researching an employer before submitting an application, taking the time to think about why you want to apply for that particular firm. I attended a number of Deloitte events – these helped me to decide Tax was the service line for me. It’s an area of the business where I could apply knowledge I’d learnt during my degree, making advice I gave clients even more valuable.

I was actually unsuccessful when I first applied for Deloitte but I didn’t let it put me off. The graduate recruitment team encouraged me to apply again and I was a lot more confident second time around - I let my personality shine through.

Learning on the job

My graduate scheme cohort were from a range of degree backgrounds although I was the only one who’d studied law. We all had a lot to learn about professional services - I was never worried I knew less than other people.

At the beginning of the Deloitte graduate scheme, all new graduates attended a three week ‘tax academy’ at the University of Warwick. Here we learnt the basics - from how to answer the phone to managing relationships with clients. We all started at the same point so it didn't feel like I was playing catch up with my peers. 

The right location

I work in the Reading office - an easy commute from where I live in Henley-on-Thames. Reading has a great rail network and London is only 30 minutes away.

We're a tight knit group at the Reading site and there are perks such as fantastic coffee machines and an on-site gym which I use during my lunch breaks. There are a number of Deloitte Reading sports teams and they compete with other Deloitte sites across the country. Matches are always fun and you get to meet colleagues you wouldn't otherwise cross paths with. Some teams play against other firms which always gets pretty competitive. 

Like all Deloitte offices, mine is open plan and we all hot desk which means we sit wherever we like. It creates an open environment and makes it easier to approach the senior team, especially if you end up sitting next to a partner for the day. I've made a lot of partner contacts since I've joined Deloitte and they are always on hand to offer advice. We also have partner drinks in the office once a month which is a great way to network with the wider business and make valuable contacts.

My career at Deloitte

I really enjoy my job for three reasons - I was able to take on responsibility from an early stage, I haven’t had two days which have been the same and I never find myself watching the clock.

I want to build a long term career with Deloitte. There are so many inspiring senior women in the business - not only have they made it to the top but they believe in a healthy balance between work and family life. 


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