A day in the life of a Tax Consultant

We spent some time hearing from Josie, a Tax Consultant at Deloitte. Josie graduated in Maths from the University of Sheffield, and after some shadowing experience at PwC, chose to embark on the Deloitte Graduate scheme in Business Tax. She is based in the Gatwick Office and kindly took us through a typical day in her role:

8:30am: I arrive in the office and grab a coffee, and check my emails that have come in overnight. I tend to have a few as I work with Deloitte offices across different time zones. I add any outstanding tasks to my list and make sure that is up to date before starting my day.

9am: I review my task list to prioritise any outstanding or overdue items. I have a number of clients that I deal with simultaneously, so I have to make sure that I am fully up to date on the various tasks I need to complete. With that done, I start finalisation of a tax computation for submission to HMRC. I check the statistics back to the accounts and ensure that all queries are answered. Upon completion, this is given to my manager for review, who will then present this to a Partner for final approval. 

10am: I have a catch up with the engagement team on one of my bigger clients. We have an in depth discussion on how work is progressing, what people need to do, the information that we need from the client and the status of individual tasks. As a team, we liaise on the resourcing of the project to ensure anyone with capacity can assist with competing priorities. 

10.30am: I compile some emails to the client from the meeting regarding information requests and queries. I answer any outstanding queries from my latest correspondence. 

11am: Midway through the morning, I grab coffee with some of the other Consultants to discuss the next office social that I am organising. 

11.15am: I submit details of the office social to the team which are subsequently authorised: Wine tasting at London Bridge, which we’re all very much looking forward to. 

12.30pm: I grab some lunch with other Consultants in Tax and Audit at Chiquito, a great Mexican restaurant not far from the office. 

Talk to as many people as you possibly can to help you make an informed decision

1.30pm: Upon my return, I check emails and prepare for an internal call at 2pm. I also do a bit of work on a global project I am involved in. 

2pm: I conduct a call to Denmark alongside a Senior Manager. It is quite a technical conversation, so I make notes throughout the call and ensure I ask questions for clarity on the process. 

2.30pm: I write up the call to ensure all information is noted down. I then send a follow up email to Deloitte Denmark and some of the other countries involved including Brazil and Australia.

3pm: I grab a coffee with the other Consultants

3.15pm: Midway through the afternoon I work on the tax disclosures for a group of companies. 

4.30pm: A Senior Manager asks me to conduct some research around a degrouping charge issue with one of their clients. In order to do this, I utilise online resources and the legislation to try to work out the correct treatment. Upon completion, I email my findings to the Senior Manager. 

5pm: I have a brief catch up with a Partner and Senior Manager about a vendor due diligence that we are looking at and the updates needed to the structure paper being written.

6pm: As the day draws to a close, I send the updated paper to corporate finance and head home, keeping an eye on the emails that are coming in from the other side of the world!

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone applying to Deloitte?

Take your time over your application. Make sure you know exactly what you are applying to, and talk to as many people as you possibly can to help you make an informed decision. I would thoroughly recommend applying to a Regional Office, as you gain a huge range of exposure. 

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