Find out more: Women in Technology at Deloitte

The technology sector is changing. As tech takes on a bigger role in our day to day lives, so the teams that work in it having to continuously change too. Employers are looking for the best minds when recruiting students and look for those from a range of academic backgrounds, especially when it concerns top female talent. Women are now taking on some of the top roles in the industry, but more are still required. 

Deloitte has been a frontrunner in adapting to the demands of the industry and changing it for the better. There, technology roles are not just for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths students; all that is required is an interest in technology, then with their significant investment in learning and development Deloitte will support you the rest of the way.

The Women in Technology network at Deloitte was established in 2007. It aims to promote the personal and professional development of its 600+ members, providing peer support and role models for the women setting out the challenge the preconceptions of what it means to work in technology. 

Watch the video below to hear Shilpa Shah, the head of the Women in Technology network discuss her work.