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How I did it: Becoming a DWF brand ambassador

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As a law Fresher at Birmingham, I was a fish out of water. What on earth had I signed up for? Too many firms to remember, impenetrable law lingo and something about mooting…

Discovering DWF

As a keen first year I was always on the lookout for new opportunities to learn more but aside from firm Open Days, nothing else seemed readily available. I therefore sought connections within Birmingham Law School and it was here that I first heard about DWF through one of their Brand Ambassadors.

DWF is an award-winning commercial law firm and one of the largest legal businesses in the UK, with 16 offices around the world. DWF strives to be different - dynamism and innovation are absolutely key to the image of the firm and it has been ‘Clear Assured’ which means it’s an inclusive employer for disabled talent, which particularly appealed to me. 

Tackling the application process

The application process to become a DWF Brand Ambassador had a number of stages. Firstly I had to complete an online application form with information about my academic progress and work experience, as well as a 500-word essay on my objectives if I were to secure the role.

I was then invited to an interview in Manchester with the Graduate Recruitment Team. While it was formal and a bit nerve-racking, it was an enjoyable chat and it quickly became apparent DWF was one of the rare firms that looks beyond academic achievements. The Emerging Talent team were interested in all my experience, such as how I coped with time management, public speaking and my ideas for promoting the firm on campus. 

Endless opportunities

When I was offered the Brand Ambassador role just three days after the interview - I was delighted. It demonstrated that DWF believes I have the potential to become a future solicitor and I now had the chance to work alongside Associates and Partners who are experts in their field - who better to learn from?

This is also a unique opportunity to raise my profile within the firm and work on core transferable skills for my future career, such as organisation and event management.

My advice for anyone looking to follow in my footsteps is find a firm that matches your interests and priorities. You will then be more confident in being yourself at interview. And if you decide DWF is the firm for you – stress your non-legal interests as well as law-related experience. DWF values diversity in all its forms and is one of only 20 UK law firms identified as a Diversity Pioneer – so make sure you stand out from the crowd when you apply, just as DWF does!

See what DWF could do for you - visit their employer profile.