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A letter from the Founder

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Hear from the founder of La Fosse Associates and find out where it all began...

After spending 15 years helping to build a technology recruitment firm and taking it to market, I took a step back and saw an industry that, by and large, seemed to just treat people as commodities. I believed that we could do better.

I always took the approach that it’s best to treat everyone with care and respect: I found it made my job more enjoyable and it always paid dividends. It’s one thing for me to think it’s the right thing to do – but was it too ridiculous to try and build a company around this very simple idea?

So after much soul-searching and a deep breath, I re-mortgaged the house, and went about finding out. Fast-forward to today and we’re now an £100 million operation with over 170 recruiters, and have remained co-owned from day one, with almost 40% of the equity gifted to all staff.

And together, we work each day to prove our shared vision: that treating people well is not just the right thing to do - it’s a better way to do business.

Simon La Fosse
Executive Chairman and Founder, La Fosse Associates