Becoming a Client Coverage specialist with Lloyds Banking Group

After successfully graduating from Exeter with a degree in maths, Lily took some time out of her busy working schedule to speak to us about life working in Client Coverage at Lloyds Banking Group.

Talk us through your success

I interned last summer with Lloyds Banking Group and had a really good time; there were a lot of development opportunities which have now carried through into the graduate scheme, for example the rotational aspect of working in four roles. I chose Client Coverage because I wanted the client facing aspect of banking as well as being able to use my mathematical background. 

The internship application process was an online application followed by an assessment centre where I had to do a mix of group and individual tasks.

I hadn’t really experienced anything like an assessment centre before and obviously they are designed to challenge you. In some ways its more stressful because they’re designed to see how your thought processes work, so it’s less a case of giving a right or wrong answer. 

I was offered my graduate job during the internship, so luckily I didn’t have to do anything else. 

Prepare and then relax

I did a lot of practice interview questions and as much general reading up on news, global affairs and Lloyds as possible. It’s so important to have good commercial awareness.

Perhaps the biggest thing I’d pass on to anyone about to go through the same process is this; it may seem counterintuitive to what I said earlier, but at the assessment centre try and relax. Make conversation with the other applicants; everything is a test and you need to show that you are personable and friendly.


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