How to decide if Lloyds Banking Group is right for you

Kat Wyon is Head of Strategic Bidding & Deal Management within the Global Transaction Banking and Commercial Banking department at Lloyds Banking Group.

Kat has been with the company for five years and has 15 years experience in Bid, Sales, Marketing and Project Management across multiple sectors including Telecomms, IT and Financial Services.

What did you want to be when you were at university?

I wasn’t too sure but thought I’d end up in a medical profession (psychiatrist was strongly considered!)

Why did you choose to work at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG)?

After reaching a bit of a ceiling for bid management but wanting to stay in that profession, I decided to change industries from IT/Telco to financial services to give myself some challenge and a change. I met someone from Lloyds Banking Group at a convention on bid management. I was already biased towards Lloyds as a bank since my first bank account was with them (and still is of course!) so it seemed like an ideal move.

What surprised you about your role or the organisation, since joining?

I think the diversity and breadth of roles that are available has been a surprise – I guess from outside the business I had some stereotypes about the only roles in Commercial Banking being Relationship Manager roles or similar and had no idea of the opportunities for so many roles in Commercial Banking.

What have you discovered about yourself so far?

I know that I can use my strengths in any role – or industry for that matter - and that confidence and self belief, with a thirst to learn and improve will get you very far in life.

What are your strengths and passions? Do you use these in your day to day role?

I am passionate about improving myself and my skills base but making sure I nurture not only my talent but that of others. I also like being part of a team that develops client solutions and coming up with ways to best tell our story to clients. I get to do all of that in my day to day role – which is great.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

Friendly. Traditional. Open. On a journey.

What does your day to day look like?

No two days are the same! Usually my day involves a lot of thinking, a lot of meetings, reading, more thinking and then lots of writing! I lead a team of bid managers, implementation managers and I sit on the Global Transaction Banking Executive committee. As part of our Exec I have lots of responsibilities outside of my “day job” and sit on all the “people” committees for Global Transaction Banking, which means helping to drive all and any initiatives that involve making life better for our colleagues and our clients – driving our culture and playing my part in creating a modern and inclusive business.

What has been your main highlight whilst working at LBG?

There have been many - I’ve been really lucky to be involved in many exciting projects. I think a real highlight – and very recently – was organising our best team week where we were undertaking team challenges, across the country, with all our colleagues, in support of the Air Ambulance. Collectively we had a blast, pulled together and raised nearly £160k. The teams were awesome and it was humbling meeting all of the Air Ambulance crews – certainly put a whole new perspective on having a bad day “in the office”!

What would you say to any female graduates unsure if LBG or Banking and Finance is right for them?

I’d say you’ve got nothing to lose by joining such a fabulous group and there is a world of opportunity with us where you can learn, develop and grow. If in the unlikely event you decide the group, banking or finance isn’t for you, then you will have developed so many skills, in a supportive and fantastic environment – and they will stand you in great stead for whatever career journey you decide to embark on.

What piece of advice/top tips would you give to female graduates looking to secure a graduate role or internship with LBG?

Do your homework. Research the bank and try to talk to some employees, so that you can really think about how you can, and will, make the best of the opportunity you’ll be given through a graduate or intern role with us.


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