An insight to Lloyds with Poojya Manjunath

Created on 14th Feb 2018

Poojya works in Innovation, and joined Lloyds Banking Group in 2010. She was recently shortlisted for Asian Businesswoman of the Year, the first person from Lloyds Banking Group to ever be shortlisted. Poojya studied Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds and is a CIM Associate and today she works as a Senior Digital Innovation Manager.

Why did you choose to work in your industry?

On completing my CIM qualification I was asked by a Director at Lloyds Banking Group to join in communications role. Inspired by the Director, their leadership, the opportunity offered and culture and values upheld within Lloyds Banking Group, it was the perfect choice for me – and still is after seven years!

What is your top tip for working in this industry?

Put the customer at the heart of everything you do. Banking (and financial services) is currently seeing a huge transformation – organisations are being forced to re-imagine traditional banking services and ensure they are innovating at pace to keep up with customers’ changing needs and behaviours.

What differentiates your industry from others?

The experience you gain in this industry is immense. You don’t need to be from a traditional banking background, there are so many roles that lend itself to such diverse skills and the variety of opportunities that Lloyds Banking Group offers is hugely encouraging for individuals from all different backgrounds.

Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry?

Be passionate and love what you do! Embrace all tasks that come your way and turn them into opportunities by being engaged and willing to get involved. Be pro-active, build lasting relationships and of course, work hard – and you will get recognised and rewarded for all your hard work and efforts!

Describe the workload and responsibility given to students in your industry?

As the UK’s largest retail and commercial bank of over 25 million customers, students can work in a variety of areas such as IT, product development, global corporates, Legal, Audit, Finance and more. Students can also contribute to the success of the banking industry’s largest transformation programme.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

The people around me. I'm very fortunate to have worked with great colleagues and they've shown me great opportunities which I never knew existed in a bank! Bringing me onto the other thing I enjoy the most – the variety of opportunities and constant learning I get every day.

 What advice would you give to others considering a career in your industry?

Go for it! Take that leap of faith and go out of your comfort zone. Invest in your work and it will invest in you. Always model the behaviours of someone you would like to work for and others will naturally follow your lead. Always be you, inspire and be inspired, and above all – enjoy every moment!

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