Lloyds Banking Group Student Mentoring

Lloyds Banking Group want to help young people discover and embrace their strengths, passions, choices and what matters to them, so they've set up a mentoring opportunity for students through their diversity networks. Inclusion and diversity is central to their business success and their networks work to help support and celebrate diversity within the organisation. Now you can access that support too.

Breakthrough Women's Network

Lloyds Banking Group's award-winning women’s network is now the largest of its kind in the UK with 13,000 members and 4,000 mentors.

In 2015, Breakthrough held more than 50 events on career development, parenting and mentoring.

Access Disability Network

The Access network connects and supports colleagues with disabilities. They have more than 3,000 members and run high profile initiatives, including a national event, regular newsletters, a mentoring scheme and colleague development sessions.

How Does It Work?

They're fans of technology, and they use it to communicate across their offices all over the UK. So, your mentoring might be over the phone, via Skype, WebEx, video conference or face-to-face. They want to keep things as flexible as possible, so it will be up to you and your mentor how you communicate and how your mentoring relationship works - including how often you meet, how long your mentoring relationship will be and so on.

Sign Me Up!

Please click here to complete a survey to register your interest in a mentor. Lloyds Banking Group will then contact you when one becomes available that is as close a match as possible to what you are looking for.