Nagla's Story From University Lecturer to Senior Leader

Nagla, Head of Joint Ventures, Leisure and Motorbikes Finance tells us how she went from University Lecturer to Senior Leader at Lloyds Banking Group.


Role Title/Department: Head of Joint Ventures, Leisure and Motorbikes finance

Time with company: 15 years

Early career in academia as a University Lecturer and then joined the Bank and progressed through various leadership roles across Retail Community Bank, Private Banking, UK Wealth strategy, Customer Products and most recently Consumer Finance

Degree/University: PhD Newcastle University. MBA Durham University

What did you want to be when you were at university?

A researcher and lecturer in Computational Linguistics.

Why did you choose to work at LBG?

If I am honest, it was unplanned! I was looking for a part time job to gain work experience and support with postgraduate university costs and expenses so followed a friend’s recommendation and applied to Lloyds TSB at the time.   

What surprised you about your role or the organisation, since joining?

The size and scale of the organisation, the variety of roles within each division and business areas and, more importantly, the impact the Bank has on the financial sector and the wider UK economy.

What have you discovered about yourself so far?

I am a quick learner, thrive on challenges, prepared to take risks, enjoy working with people and leading big teams.

What are your strengths and passions? Do you use these in your day to day role?

Strengths: applying good judgement, timely and effective execution, identifying business opportunities and stakeholder management. Passion: getting the most out of people, identifying and nurturing talent and maximising potential. These skills are key in a constantly changing environment where you are faced with several competing challenges and demands.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

There is a strong culture of strong work ethos, trust and collaboration. A clear passion for putting Customer’s first and constantly striving to raise the bar and deliver on customer promises.

What does day to day look like in your role?

Attending internal strategy and leadership meetings, working with external manufacturer partners and stakeholders, dealing with team matters and arising customer issues; all whilst managing my busy inbox!

What has been your main highlight whilst working at LBG?

Playing a role in supporting the London 2012 Olympics as LBG became the first partner and sponsor of the Games. This involved organising community events, participating in national sports week at schools and torch bearer relays, and supporting local champions and young athletes through the LBG local Heroes Scheme.

What would you say to any graduates unsure if LBG or Banking and Finance is right for them?

LBG is a great organisation to work for. There is a genuine interest in supporting colleague development and career aspirations. There are many opportunities to gain breadth of experience across the divisions. We are not a ‘Bank just full of bankers’ and we ‘don’t just deal with numbers’ in fact no matter what your interests are, you will a find a role that satisfies your skills and interests. We are a leading provider in many sectors and given our size and customer base, you will find us in almost every community thriving to make a difference to our customers.

What piece of advice/top tips would you give to graduates looking to secure a grad role or internship with LBG?

Do your research, show your passion and be yourself. We are looking for leaders of the future who live and breathe our values.

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