Life as a: Technology Associate

Alexandru Dumitrescu is a graduate from the University of Bristol, having gained an MEng in Computer Science. From there, he has secured a graduate role with Morgan Stanley as a Technology Associate in the Enterprise Application Infrastructure Team.

Tell us about an average day at Morgan Stanley

You will find that no one day is the same in a Technology role as things are constantly changing and daily tasks will vary.  But on a typical day, I start by catching up on emails that have come in overnight and attend a daily meeting with my team to recap on the previous day’s events and go over any priorities for the day ahead. In the afternoon we have a call with our colleagues in New York to run through the different projects we are working on and discuss any issues which need resolving. I also get quite involved with charity events, where I allocate a couple of hours per week to giving back, a core value at Morgan Stanley. The Firm also hosts internal talks and open forums which I enjoy attending.

What did the application process involve? 

I first completed an online application form which required me to answer a couple of questions about myself and why I want to work for Morgan Stanley. The next stage was a technical telephone interview which focused on technology related questions and problem solving. For the final stage, I was invited to an assessment centre, which consisted of two technical interviews and one strengths based interview with developers from across the Technology division. 

What has surprised you about your role or the firm, since joining Morgan Stanley?

In a world where technology changes every day, it is challenging for some big companies to keep up with new advances. However, Morgan Stanley has managed to create high quality infrastructure, a key strength in order to be ahead of the competition. The working environment at Morgan Stanley is very pleasant and I have found people are always happy to help and provide feedback to help you develop and grow. The Morgan Stanley core values are evident in everything we do and there are a lot of opportunities for personal development.

What advice would you give to students thinking of applying to Morgan Stanley?

If you are thinking of applying to Morgan Stanley, I would advise that you talk with others who have done internships here or started as a graduate. You should also research what Morgan Stanley does and what products we use. Attending campus events and visiting our careers website will help to provide additional information sources on the Firm, and allow you to get a feel for our people and the Technology division, which is invaluable during the application process.

Has your non-financial background held you back in any way?

Having some knowledge of the finance industry is helpful, but certainly not a prerequisite. You will receive technical and professional skills training in New York alongside your global colleagues and this will bring you up to speed. There are many different teams in the Technology division, some may require more in-depth financial knowledge but this is something that you will be taught and can learn on the job.

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