Victoria Chapelow: Equity Research Associate

If you thought a career in investment banking was just for finance graduates, maths geniuses and quantum physicists, think again. We hear from Victoria Chapelow, discussing her professional background and her career at Morgan Stanley.

My undergraduate degree was in History at Leeds. After graduating, I qualified as an accountant before deciding to do a Masters in Environmental Technology at Imperial in London. 

I had originally planned to return to accountancy after my Masters, however, during the course I had started to look at different professions and came to the realisation that I wanted to do something that was more forward-facing and that had a greater strategic element.

While working on my thesis over the summer I had the opportunity to write a research piece for the Sustainable and Responsible Investing division at Morgan Stanley. This led to me applying for an Associate position within the team, where I am now. 

The work I do means I’m constantly drawing on the skills I acquired throughout both my Masters and undergraduate studies, particularly the basic principal of going away and researching a topic, writing it up and presenting my findings to a small group.

A typical meeting will involve me presenting the research I’ve been doing to a small group of colleagues or clients, so being able to formulate and structure my thoughts clearly for different audiences, whether in written or oral form, is extremely important. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge for humanities or languages students is working out what the next step is after university. It’s not always obvious, and often it means having to reach out to people in different industries to find out more about the options out there.  

Instead of just relying on what it says in the job description, it’s important to identify what you’re really good at and how you can put those skills into practice. 

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