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A view from inside the Technology Development Programme (TDP)

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David joined Nationwide in September and is an Analyst in Infrastructure Development within Information Management Architecture Solutions. We heard from him how he’s been finding his role so far…

Why the Technology Development Programme?

I studied Maths, Biology and Chemistry A-levels and went to Aberdeen Uni to study Mechanical Engineering. But I’ve always been interested in IT so after that wanted an IT based role where I could train on the job. When I applied to the TDP I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but when I went to the Assessment Centre and saw the way the people were and got a sense of the culture, that really solidified my decision.

The work and training

Being at the beginning of the programme the emphasis as you'd expect is around training. I’ve been shadowing people to see what they do day-to-day but have mainly been doing online training. There are three technologies involved in IMAS which are Informatica, Teradata and Hadoop. I’m currently focusing on Hadoop. It’s the technology that I’m most interested in due to its complexity and relevance in the Big Data world.


I suppose one challenge has been integrating into a new team, many of whom have vast experience, which made me feel like I was really at the beginning of a steep learning curve. I always want to progress quickly, so I get a bit impatient, but everyone within my team have been very helpful by sharing their knowledge with me and my line manager has been very supportive.


Seeing my parents being proud of where I am right now is definitely a highlight. Also, and nothing to do with work, being invited to join a football team within the Wiltshire County League recently made me happy. I’ve played football competitively since I was 11 and have no plans to stop!

Next goals

After the scheme, I want to become a key member of my team and learn as much as possible about Big Data and to get involved in some exciting projects that help to shape how Nationwide uses data.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining?

I’d say Nationwide is an amazing organisation. Of course, everything has flaws, but the people are really good. Everyone is helpful, open and look to see you develop. I’m not sure many other organisations focus on personal development as much as Nationwide does.


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