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Changing policing for the better with Police Now

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We’re proud to be working with Police Now – an organisation whose mission is to change policing for the better and improve the public's confidence in their local force. To achieve this, they know that diversity and inclusion matters. People need a police force that is representative of the communities they serve.

Over the years, Police Now has won multiple awards in the diversity space, but they recognise there’s more work to be done to create a stronger and fairer society for all, and they’re committed to taking action to combat this.

We’re delighted to partner with Police Now to help them achieve this mission and work towards a more inclusive future for all.  

Below, hear from Detective Sergeant Upile Mtitimila about how working with the organisation has helped to change his perception of policing and how much he values being part of positive societal change.



“I joined Police Now as part of the National Graduate Leadership Programme, entering through the neighbourhood police officer role which I absolutely loved.My motivations for joining Police Now, and coming into policing through this particular route, stem from being slightly sceptical of policing. You hear a lot of negativity about the things that don’t necessarily work so well in policing and, being completely honest, I took all of that on board. There were also some lived experiences for me that influenced that perception. I was stopped and searched a number of times and that kind of experience massively affected my perception of policing and whether it was a career for me. At the same time, I knew I wanted a position and role where I could make a tangible difference to people’s lives, but there was just something that made me reluctant to engage through the regular route. Police Now stood out as different. I felt that through a programme that was so in line with what I connected with; it was the right way to go into policing. I think what sets Police Now apart - and why it is important - is that it really embraces you as an individual. I can honestly say that. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and then be a police officer.”



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