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Insight into the application process

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We chatted to Police Now about their application process to give you all the information you need before you begin your application. Here's all you need to know...

1. Application

In the application form, you’ll be asked for details allowing us to check your eligibility. This will include: personal information (name/DOB/address), education history, employment history, tattoos, convictions, business interests, financial position, diversity & monitoring and data protection. We don’t ask about your motivation to join Police Now at this stage.

We expect the application form to take no longer than 30 minutes to complete on average. Following a successful screening review, you’ll be invited to complete an online assessment within five days after your application form submission.

2. Online Assessment

First, you’ll complete a personality questionnaire. This is designed to gain an understanding of your behavioural preferences, how you approach tasks and interact with others. The second part is a week-in-the-life immersive assessment, where you’ll experience a number of realistic scenarios you would encounter in the day to day job as a Trainee Detective Constable.

We will look to see how you react in different situations, how you reflect on how you dealt with them and how you articulate yourself in written and video format.

3. Assessment Centre

If successful at stage two you’ll be invited to book a slot at one of our assessment centre dates in central London, which will all be done online. Travel expenses are reimbursed and light refreshments are available during your time with us. This stage is an opportunity for us to find out more about you and for you to find out more about the programme you have applied for. So it’s important that you understand why you applied for a place on the programme and that you are yourself throughout the exercises.

You will go through three exercises: a strengths-based interview, a role play and self-reflection, two virtual reality environments and a written task. You will also be offered preparation support ahead of the assessment centre, which you will be sent details on when you progress through to this stage. The dress code is smart.

4. Onboarding

Following a successful assessment centre you will be offered a position with your chosen force by your Recruitment Officer, who you’ll have been working with throughout. They will support you through your pre-employment checks, which vary force-by-force.

You will be given a login to your onboarding website so you can access useful information you’ll need before joining as well as giving you the chance to chat to others joining your force. During this time we’ll also support you while you complete online vetting, biometric and fitness tests, a medical and we will review your previous employment references.

Finally, you’ll attend both force and Police Now induction events which provide a great opportunity to build your network with your fellow future team mate.

To apply to Police Now's opportunities, view their profile here.