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Insights into Taylor Wessing – Miles’ Story

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We recently caught up with Miles about his experiences with Taylor Wessing. He focuses on what stood out to him about Taylor Wessing, his involvement in the Innovation Team, and his top tips for members looking to follow in his footsteps.

Miles Harmsworth

Tell us a bit about your background

I completed a 4-year degree at Lancaster University including a year studying International Law in the Netherlands (best year ever). Following this, I worked in legal recruitment before doing my Legal Practice Course – LPC. I’ve now been with Taylor Wessing for just over 2 years, whilst here I have moved between teams including Disputes & Investigations, Commercial Technology & Data and Corporate Real Estate & Private Capital. I also had the opportunity to go on secondment to Amazon Web Services (if you get the opportunity, definitely take it). Having this wide range of experience has meant that I have been able to find out what I enjoy the most and what career path I want to follow – I’ve recently qualified into our Commercial Technology & Data team.

What stood out to you about Taylor Wessing?

One key selling point for me was the international nature of the firm, I knew that with international clients and offices the work would be more complex and there would be a wide variety of projects I could get involved in.

I also loved that there was an emphasis on technology and innovation at Taylor Wessing. I am really interested in the technology sector and how it impacts law, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine my legal knowledge with my passion for tech. I recognise the power of technology and how it can have a real impact on the world, and through my work, I have the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference.

Since joining, the breadth of clients I have worked with has been incredibly diverse, ranging from tech start-ups looking to accelerate growth, to large international corporates with complex business operations. No two days are the same, you're always learning and that's what makes working at Taylor Wessing so much fun.

How would you summarise the culture of the firm?

Something that I didn’t fully appreciate before joining, was the impact that culture has on your enjoyment at work. Since day one, everyone has been so friendly and there is a real sense of support. I genuinely could walk up to anyone and ask a question or for help and they would be more than happy to spare some of their time. At Taylor Wessing, your development is invested in, and people respect you not for how long you've been at the firm, but for the value that you can bring to the team.

What is your role as an Innovation Ambassador?

The Innovation Team is made up of a mixture of lawyers and non-lawyers. As a team, we are focused on identifying problems both internally and externally and finding solutions to overcome these. A recent example is the work that my colleagues and I have done as part of our legal design workstream, were we have been introducing the use of icons and design patterns into legal documents to make them clearer, more accessible and user-friendly. What is great about the team is that we pool all of our collective knowledge together to generate innovative ideas that deliver truly outstanding results, which exceed our own and our clients' expectations.

Another initiative run by the Innovation Team are our client workshops, where we work with the client to understand their business and collaborate to produce innovative and commercially aware solutions to complex legal problems that they face. Being part of this forward-thinking team is definitely one of the best things I’ve done at the firm as I can make a real impact.

How do you get involved?

There is a formal process to apply and spaces on the team are limited. You must submit an application involving a small paragraph on why you want to join the team. Upon passing this stage you’ll be invited to an interview and presentation, where you explain what you want to achieve in your first 100 days. If successful, you’ll get the position for a year and after this year you have the chance to progress within the team, take on more responsibilities and run your own projects.

For anyone thinking of joining, I would say "do it". The team is really forward-thinking, and we are implementing changes that not only have an impact on the firm, but also our clients and the wider community at large.

Do you have any final pieces of advice for our members?

Culture is so important when you are looking to join a new firm or company in any sector. It wasn’t until I joined Taylor Wessing that I appreciated how important this is. Throughout my time at Taylor Wessing, I have felt supported and have been given the responsibility and trust to work on some of the firm's top clients. Here, you have such a variety of work which makes every day different and keeps it fun.

And the final thing would be, don’t give up! You may face rejection along the way, I know I did, but through not giving up I am now working somewhere that I love and that fits my values.

If you’re feeling inspired to follow in Miles’ footsteps, find out more about Taylor Wessing here.