Find out about Diversity at Teach First

Teach First believe that no child's educational success should be limited by background. To inspire and motivate these young people to success, we need role models in the classroom and other career sectors that better reflect our diverse communities.

Find out more from three Teach First participants about their experience of Teach First's graduate programme, the Leadership Development Programme. 

Toib, Lucy and Megan share their individual experiences at Teach First.

Diversity in school leadership

Toib Olomowewe

"I think it's really important to have diversity on our school leadership, because diversity mitigates against homogenous thinking. You need to have people from different backgrounds who can provide different perspectives, so the students can see that actually there are no barriers to success. It's much more powerful when you see a plethora of different people in different roles, so the students can aspire to that themselves. I also think it's very important for students to see there are people who look like them, who sound like them, who are from where they're from, who are also in positions of leadership."

Teaching with a disability

Lucy Freeman

“To anyone who is worried about teaching with a disability I would say, be clear with yourself. If a disability takes over your life and affects the things you do, maybe teaching is not for you. But if you go into the classroom and say, “This is me,” the chances are the children will just accept it. I’ve had quite a few questions about my disability, but no silly questions at all: How do you write? Can you drive? How do you tie your hair back in the morning? The pupils know that I can, but they want to know how I’ve done it.

I think my disability raises questions, which is good, so you just have to make sure you know what you want to say to the pupils.”

Being LGBT on the Leadership Development Programme

Megan Cross

“The Leadership Development Programme enabled me to embark on a career as an English teacher and an LGBT educator. There are opportunities to work with Teach First LGBT leaders and present as an LGBT role model in the classroom – making tangible differences to the perception of the LGBT community.”


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