5 Top Tips: Get Career Ready Before University

The wait is over: you’ve got your results and you’re one step closer to finally being a fresher. Now is the time to gear up for first year – which means kitting out your new room, chatting to your future housemates and checking out our 5 top tips to help you feel that little bit more career-ready by the time you step onto campus. 

1. Life beyond lectures

Now that A-Level revision is no longer taking over your life, keep up – or get back into – all your hobbies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into sport, drama, baking or gaming, employers just want to see that you’ve got some personality and extra interests to back up those well-earned grades. You can also pursue your hobbies at university by joining societies (which we think is a must). All universities have a huge range of clubs and societies, and if you can’t find the right one for you, start your own. You’ll meet new people, end up on some memorable nights out, and boost your CV and soft skills in the process – win-win!

2. Tweak your online presence

You’ve all heard it before, but it’s not a great idea to have an unprofessional online footprint. Have a quick clear up before you start university: keep your social media accounts on private; take a professional-looking photo for your LinkedIn (ideally not a selfie from your results night out); and, think about replacing that old (and most likely embarrassing) email address to a simple ‘firstname.surname@gmail.com’. You’ll thank us later.

If you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile yet, our 8-step guide should help you out.  

3. Use social media to boost your career

Once you’ve got your online presence down to T, you can use social media as an easy tool to get you thinking about all things career related. If you have a rough idea of the sector you’re interested in, follow or like the profiles of the top firms in that industry. You’ll see all of the key updates and you’ll be one of the first to see any opportunities that you can apply for, all whilst scrolling through your newsfeed as normal.

4. Make a dent in your course reading list

Admittedly, this sounds like a dull one, but the pre-university break is the ideal time to crack into your university reading list. Most courses will send you a recommended reading list before university starts, so pick a couple of books and make them your holiday reading of choice. It will help you think about some of the key themes in your course and, in turn, how your degree might lend itself to different career paths in the future.

5. Scout out the hot spots in your new city

Finding the best clubs and cafes in your new university city is always fun – but why not also squeeze in some time to do a quick search on any career related opportunities that you can make the most of in your new university city? This could be anything from a finding a part-time job (again, amazing for your transferable skill set), to finding companies that offer holiday work experience schemes. Any work experience that you can get your hands on will prepare you for the world of work and give you the edge over your future competition, so put your CV and cover letter together and explore some new opportunities.

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