Five essentials to Creating a great LinkedIn

Created on 19th Jun 2019

When it comes to managing your contacts, LinkedIn is an essential tool for staying in touch and maintaining a professional presence, so you need to be onboard. Our recent research found that over 50% of our members have a LinkedIn profile but many don't know how to use the platform effectively - so we have created a handy guide with the 5 essentials you need to create a 'wow-factor' LinkedIn. 

The Profile

  • Start off easy and pick a picture. Make sure it's a professional picture, one that you look smart in and ensure that your face is easily identifiable
  • Don't worry about a banner - but if you have access to any then they can look great
  • Your LinkedIn profile will usually rank in the top 5 Google search results for your name; it's important you make a good impression

The Biography

  • Brag a bit more and write a strong, professional summary - this will be your elevator pitch. It is a great skill to be able to sum up who you are and what you can offer in a succint and engaging way
  • Your summary can go up to 2,000 words but don't be tempted to waffle, especially this early in your career

The Experience

  • For each piece of work experience you have, briefly describe what that company does, your role within the company and any skills that you possess from that role 
  • Once again, it is important to be succinct so that people don't have to read reams of information
  • Remember: keep your information up to date and the same as your CV! You don't want any employers to catch you out with dates not matching up 

Show your professional personality

  • Use this opportunity to display your interests in a professional setting
  • Share, comment and write articles that you may not share on your other social media channels 
  • Display your commercial awareness to employers and highlight what you are interested in 

Skills, endorsements and recommendations

  • Where possible ask any employers, lecturers or colleagues to recommend you. People will generally be happy to help and it makes your CV stand out and look hyper personal


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