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Thinking about further study?

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Further education can be a fantastic way to stand out to key employers in competitive sectors - whether it's a professional qualification or a Masters, the right course can accelerate your career.

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Key reasons to keep studying: 

1. You have a real passion and academic interest in a subject

This is essential, further education is challenging and demanding so make sure you are pursuing a subject you have a genuine interest in better understanding. Also really consider your career path - how might this course get you there? The University of Law offers several fantastic opportunities to specialise in your legal skills such as their Online MSc in Law, Governance, Risk and Compliance.

TOP TIP: The best way to find out what kind of training will be the most relevant path to your dream career is to meet with individuals in those positions who inspire you. Connect with them over Linkedin or drop them an email and find out what they recommend. Remember though, that the market may have changed since they entered the firm so it's good to also talk to the recruitment team about what they are looking for in a candidate. 

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2.  Build your network

It's not just about building your CV with a master's at a great university but really making the most of your time while you're there. At leading universities such as London Business School and Hult International Business School, you will be put into contact with world-leading employers through their careers services, networking events and on-campus talks. At these global universities, you'll be building a truly international network, a practical education that truly prepares you for the demands of modern business. Be sure to keep attending these universities' campus events to meet representatives and get your name recognised. 

TOP TIP:  When looking at potential universities check out their employability stats and find out if their students go to the firms you are interested in working for - 96% of LBS's first Masters in Financial Analysis class accepted an offer within three months of graduating. 

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3.  Make a difference on day one of your job

Further education can give you the skills to really add value to your work team, accelerating your professional development and helping you become a future business leader.

TOP TIP: Watch out for courses with an emphasis on building practical skills that make you essential in the workplace, such as Cass Business School's Finance Masters.

4.  Work on your personal development

Further education gives you the opportunity to increase your confidence, as you build your networking and communication skills through teaching, presenting and university events. Different colleges and universities will focus on different routes of personal development, for example, Imperial College Business School focuses on giving you the entrepreneurial skills you need to become the world’s future leaders.

5.  Looking to keep having lots of fun! 

You'll keep those long holidays, not only giving you the chance to cross that next travel destination off your bucket list but giving you time to start working in your dream sector through internship schemes. You'll have the opportunity to join societies - perfect for pursuing your passions and demonstrating your leadership skills.