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About Beyond Retail

We sell awesome bathroom, kitchen and heating products to homeowners and tradespeople. We harness technology combined with people and passion – to challenge, empower, inform and deliver. We make it feel like home. 

Technology has changed the face of retail, and now it’s changing how we work too.

We’ve always felt very strongly that the best companies are those that look after their people. Happy people do great things. Culture plays a big part in everything we do, and ours prizes entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and opportunity. We like to explore, question, and challenge conventions. And we do this with a collective goal of putting our customers at the centre of everything.

One of the biggest recent changes has been the shift towards a remote-first way of working. Like most companies, we didn’t opt to work remotely out of choice. But we quickly woke up to its value, and to it’s role in our future. We have a physical office, a warehouse, and a desire to offer flexibility wherever it’s possible. Many of our people enjoy working from their own homes. Some like to work in the office occasionally, or exclusively. We think people should be able to work wherever and whenever they get their best work done, and we’re determined to keep improving how to best facilitate that.

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