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Centre for Justice Innovation

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About Centre for Justice Innovation

At the Centre for Justice Innovation, we seek to build a justice system which everyone believes is fair and effective.

We believe that the justice system should be focused on solving the issues that drive crime and social harm; that it should be fair in how it treats people; that it should be proportionate in the things it does; and that those on the front line should be given the freedom and support to come up with innovative solutions to the problems their communities face.

To deliver our vision of a fairer and more effective justice system, we:

  • provide hands on support to practitioners in the justice system to help them develop and share innovative and effective practice;
  • conduct research into how things work right now and how they could work better; 
  • promote evidence-based, innovative justice policy reforms;
  • share lessons between the jurisdictions of the UK, and also with our sister organisation in New York City, the Center for Justice Innovation.

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