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About Curo

Curo is a Specialist Compensation Management Software Provider. We are experts in reward and compensation technology and provide solutions that allow you to enhance the way you manage compensation. Our products and services empower businesses of all sizes to maximise the impact of their compensation spend; drive fairness, transparency, employee engagement and business performance, through the provision of safe, secure and market leading global technology.

Curo Compensation was founded in January 2010. Our founders are comprised of technology and compensation experts. Our team has years of practical experience in managing large and complex annual compensation reviews and managing successful enterprise software firms. Our software is the emerging comp solution of choice amongst leading Talent Management technology providers.

Over 80 leading companies form our client base. Through these organization we support people across 140 countries and in more than 130 currencies. Our strong client community all work with us (and each other at Client forums) to help evolve our compensation management software solutions.

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