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About Dyson

At Dyson we believe everything could be better. Fuelled by a frustration with things that don’t work properly and a relentless obsession with making them work better, we’ve spent the last 25 years pioneering inventions and continually improving.

From its origins in a small workshop in rural England, Dyson has grown into a technology company with a global footprint. We employ over 12,000 people globally, with over 4,800 in the UK; a third of whom are engineers and scientists. We remain market-leaders in the UK, and also in the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and Canada

We may be bigger now, but Dyson remains close to its engineering roots. We are about “wrong-thinking” – looking at things in a different way, and inventing new solutions to old problems. We are relentless perfectionists that persevere until we get it just right.

While engineering remains at our core, our passion for problem solving across different disciplines runs throughout our business. We're a diverse workforce made up of people with different Dyson behaviours. So, the chances are we've got a role to suit your area of expertise.

It isn’t always easy, but you'll be challenged and encouraged from day one. You’ll be part of a community of people who inspire each other. In addition to a stimulating work environment, there’s always plenty going on outside of the office, too. It's a fulfilling place to start your working life.

We’re bigger than ever – but we have no intention of stopping the journey now – so come join us.

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