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About Eversheds

Eversheds is an international law firm with a clear vision of the future. A firm that is adapting to new demands and business pressures. A firm that understands what clients need today and, equally importantly, what they will need tomorrow. We know that continued success relies on attracting and developing talented people who share our commitment to make Eversheds both the most client centred international law firm and a great place to work.

We are noted for our innovative approach to the law, which has enabled us to grow to become one of the country's largest and most recognised law firms in just over 20 years. Quality runs through everything we do, from the legal advice you receive, to the people you’ll work with and the service we deliver to our clients. Our approach is based upon complete transparency, underpinned by processes and technology which drive efficiency. Our lawyers forge deep, long-standing relationships through their understanding of the sectors they operate in and the business issues that their clients face.

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