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It’s that moment. The final, nerve-shredding seconds that decide it all.

It’s no-hopers going the distance. It’s all-stars on the ropes. It’s a wonder kid grasping greatness. It’s a legacy up in smoke.

It’s Bolt in Beijing, it’s Fury off the canvas, it’s Raducanu shredding the history books.

It’s fans – soulmates and strangers - watching the ultimate theatre, written in real-time.

It's where you were and who you watched it with – it’s time bending, and just how massive that winning moment felt.

We exist to bring fans together over sport and create these life-affirming memories.

Enter FANZO. A brand uniquely equipped to help you bottle that lightning.

We started out back in 2011, as a simple venue finder for sports fans in the UK called MatchPint. We now help 6 million fans every year enjoy sport in our network of 14,000 partner venues, across 6 countries.

Although our purpose remains the same – bringing fans together to create unforgettable sporting memories – our goalposts have moved and ambitions grown significantly.

FANZO is now a global fan activation platform consisting of an audience of highly targetable sports fans and 10,000 partner venues. We enable brands to elevate the experience of social sports viewing with through-the-line campaigns that are slick, frictionless, measurable and memorable. Our market leading technology helps our rights-holder and broadcaster partners across the globe bring fans together to enjoy real social interaction, with sport at the beating heart of it.

Our new name reflects this shift towards big occasions and special moments. Something simple and universal, something that sounds like how a last-minute winner feels.