Property & Construction
About Farebrother

It’s easy to assume that the real estate sector is all about buildings. We think it’s just as much about people.

Ever since 1799, we’ve been forging close relationships with our clients, to shape the culture, community and landscape of London's Midtown. Today, we combine the exhaustive knowledge of our heritage with a business-led approach to a broad range of investment, leasing, commercial tenant and project management specialisms, to deliver innovative solutions and demonstrable value to our clients.

Our independence as a real estate consultancy means that we have the integrity, agility and ingenuity to foresee market trends – then bring our clients a unique perspective that delivers the results you need. Rather than sell them something we think they want to hear.

The success of our business depends on the talent, commitment and knowledge of our people, and the relationships that they build internally and externally.

Joining Farebrother, you will work with some of the most experienced and respected property experts in London. We identify and develop future leaders – people who can work closely with our partners and strengthen the culture and values that have defined our brand for more than two hundred years. We set the highest ethical and professional standards in our industry, and seek specialists who will enhance our five practice areas and make a difference at all levels.