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About Fifty

Fifty use AI, technology and data to help brands understand their customers and power advertising to best engage them.

At our core sits the Fifty Platform, which makes sense of complex audience datasets and develops them into tribes, an impactful and insightful customer segmentation interface with applications across all marketing functions of the advertiser. Clients such as Red Bull, Bentley, Save the Children, BrewDog and Garmin use the Fifty Platform to understand their audiences better and target them more efficiently.

Our audience insights platform uses network science to uncover online-dwelling Tribes. These communities reflect how people connect in the real world.

People have long connected and formed communities based on shared interests – the digital age has only accelerated this. Our platform maps these connections online, turning complex audience datasets into organic consumer segmentations and actionable insights.

Ultimately, we preserve, rather than standardise, the way people interconnect in order to build a truly human-centric understanding of your audience.

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