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About First Mile

The waste industry can be a dirty business, but to us it's a source of inspiration.

We set out in 2004 on a mission to revolutionise waste and recycling for businesses. Along the way we've pioneered some awesome tech, to help us deliver a hassle-free, reliable service that is good for our customers and the planet.

And because we believe in a world where everything can be recycled, we go out of our way to find creative solutions; only items that can’t currently be salvaged go to waste, where they generate Green energy.


Bruce Bratley’s the smiley guy with the fold-up bike wearing a hole in the floor up and down our office.

He founded First Mile on an environmental PhD and sound business experience, jumping behind the wheel of the company’s one truck at the weekends. He's intent on bringing service to the waste industry and helping businesses to champion the environment.


Our team’s made up of 150 of the best drivers around and 100 enthusiastic environmentalists in Head Office. We come from Australia, Mauritius and around the corner, bringing with us stories, ideas and delicious food. Each of us is dedicated to building a greener, happier world.

And to getting Bruce on the dance floor at the Christmas party.


We do our thing in 3 locations.

Head Office. An airy space in Highbury, close enough to the park so we can see the trees. That’s where we scurry around on behalf of our businesses, with the odd detour to the kitchen.

Park Royal Operations. Home to our award-winning pre-sort Sacktory® and to the managers and drivers who keep the whole show on the road juggling the routes and cleaning rituals of our 74-truck fleet.

Birmingham Operations. Our small-but-perfectly-formed base in the Midlands.