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About Homeppl

Homeppl is on a mission to create a frictionless international economy, where people can own, manage, and utilise their personal data to instantly rent properties and consume financial products.

Backed by the Techstars Barclays London Accelerator in 2017, their technology-driven products focus, at this stage, on delivering digital data verification and management solution to tenants, agencies, and landlords.

Every year 1.1 billion people move home around the world. None carry their credibility with them. Existing rental validation solution, such as the Credit Check are exclusive (500 million adults in OECD countries without credit history) and daunting (240 hours to complete a rental check, on average). Verification processes are so complex and archaic that in March 2017 150,000+ people in the UK signed a petition to be able to reuse rental data and consume with it other financial and rental related products.

The traditional legacies of the rental market affect landlords and agencies as well. The cost of vacant properties due to slow and erroneous tenants validation checks is estimated at £200 billion a year. Rental associations are also asking for rental performances to be included in validations with official Parliament.

At Homeppl these these problems are solved. We offer an intuitive, high-tech solution that can be used by all actors for more comprehensive, digitally enhanced verifications. Users can manage their data online with ease and tenants can by users to their next property.