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About Imosphere

We're a people-centric software company that's passionate about developing tools to support the transformation of education, health and social care.

We’re dedicated to improving lives by transforming the way health and social care professionals use information. We do this through our pioneering devolved analytics platform, the UK’s most trusted resource allocation system for personal budgets, a next generation electronic care record and nationally recognised FACE assessment toolsets.

Our story

Over the past 25 years we've been creating analytics and visualization tools to help people get the most out of their complex clinical data.

We work out of our offices in Nottingham, UK and San Francisco, US and have seen incredible growth over the last five years with our self-service analytics and data capture tools that are now being used by thousands of researchers and healthcare professionals each day.

Our tools are well established within clinical research centers across the US, and the NHS in the UK.

Our mission

We see a lot of analytics solutions being aimed at the healthcare market that simply do not cut it!

They're hard to use, impossible to distribute across teams and a real pain to install. Many are also too generic for healthcare and don't account for the unique complexities surrounding healthcare data.

So our mission is to change this once and for all. Our team is dedicated to working collaboratively with our healthcare customers to deliver analytics tools that are easy to access, easy to use by everyone and easy to distribute.

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