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Management & Operations
About Ingeus

Ingeus specialises in creating and delivering services in employment, health, justice and youth. Ingeus helps to create strong societies in which citizens have the independence, knowledge and know-how to thrive. Ingeus is commissioned by national, devolved and local government to support their efforts to build strong societies. We also work with commercial employers to support their workforce development and recruitment.

In the UK we deliver services in four specialist areas:

Employment – we have supported over 250,000 people into suitable, lasting work

Health – we help prevent people at high risk of diabetes from developing the condition

Justice – we will help 150,000 ex-offenders to rehabilitate over six years

Youth services – we have signed up over 37,000 young people onto the National Citizen Service

Ingeus works with over 70 partner organisations from the public, private and third sectors – each carefully selected to ensure they share our values.

The work we do, and the way we do it, is in demand all over the world, which is why, having been an Australian start-up, Ingeus is now a global team of over 2,700 people working in 10 countries.

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