About Jaywing

Everything is changing. Constantly, rapidly. Certainty isn't just rare. It's an essential commodity.

At Jaywing, we’ve made it our mission to help clients establish concrete foundations in a world of shifting sands. To find new and better ways of doing things. To deliver highly effective, intelligent work. To scrutinise insight, to find proof. To create the best conditions for success. To take risks that aren't risky at all. To leave nothing to chance.

We were fascinated by data long before it was fashionable. For over 20 years, data-led intelligence has informed everything we do. That’s why 1 in 7 of us is a data scientist. It’s this insight that helps us to unlock the power of technology. By blending the creativity of an agency with the robust, outcome-driven focus of a consultancy, we deliver exceptional results. 

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