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About M&GPrudential

M&GPrudential was formed in 2017 through the merger of Prudential PLC’s UK and Europe insurance and savings operation and M&G Investments, its international asset manager. Today, we’re a leading savings and investments business with more than 5.5 million individual customers and clients in 28 markets. In total, we have £341 billion assets under management (2019).

We have two businesses at M&GPrudential: a savings and asset management business, which is open and growing; and a heritage insurance business, which is closed to new customers but still vital to our future.

Our growth strategy for the savings and asset management business is to take our range of investment solutions and scale them in our chosen markets. International growth will be focused and accompanied by our customary discipline on capital management.

For our heritage insurance business, we are pursuing a strategy of optimisation. We will continue to invest in this business, covered in part by our £250 million, five-year transformation programme, to improve outcomes for its nearly five million customers, create efficiencies and maximize cashflow.

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