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About Morgan Sindall Investments

We believe good development is about more than just good buildings

It's also about the spaces in between and around them. That's why we invest to create parks, green spaces and public realm. We know that a great place to live needs to include the kind of infrastructure that makes it liveable. That's why we build schools, homes, and shops. And, because there's more to life than just getting through the day, we work with our partners to deliver libraries, sports, arts and community facilities.

We think long term and not just about the impact of each building we construct. Our vision is to make a real difference to the quality of life for people who live in the places where we work.

We know that we can have a greater impact when we work together. That's why we form partnerships with local authorities, housing associations, landowners and communities. Together we invest the time, money and creativity it takes to make good development even better.

We are proud of our work and the way we go about it. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.