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About Online Fuels

In an increasingly digitalised world, our founder James saw an opportunity for technology to be applied in the downstream oil market. Fuel buying could be simplified, he realised, by creating an online marketplace, where buyers could view all supplier prices, live and in one place, before making a transaction.

The benefits of such a platform would be obvious: full market visibility and ease of purchasing would make life considerably easier for fuel buyers. But it had yet to be created.

And thus the idea for OnlineFuels was born. The company became live in 2016, and we’ve been simplifying UK fuel buying ever since. We work alongside the UK’s top suppliers and distributors to make life for fuel buyers as simple, and painless, as possible. Becoming, in the process, the UK’s leading independent oil buying platform.

Our Employees say:

Operations Manager, George Copeland says:
“OnlineFuels is an exciting and flexible technology company that is at the forefront of innovation and change within the oil industry. Having previously worked for large organisations, I chose to join OnlineFuels to gain exposure to how a business operates across all departments. You will get to work closely across the business with extremely talented people, like the CEO and Founder, James. If you are interested in working for a startup or starting your own business in the future, this experience would be invaluable and the networking opportunities in London are huge.”

Jonathan Sunarja, Junior Developer Intern:
"I can say that I have never looked back at my decision to join OnlineFuels. Working in a startup that aims to revolutionise a massive industry by means of technology has given me an exciting experience to learn a full web development cycle under an ever-growing agile culture. I have been constantly handed significant tasks that allow me to explore and understand both frontend and backend, with room to play with my own creativity. Also, you will have the opportunity to work closely with other aspects of the business, which would enrich your insights, and to be able to do so in central London is definitely too good to miss."