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About Pollinate

Payments are core to the financial ecosystem
Financial services is an ecosystem at its heart. It’s a group of enablers, held together and governed by the system on which society has been built.

A key service enabled by banks is the ability to pay and get paid. And yet, around the time of the global financial crisis, many banks forgot the strategic importance of enabling seamless payments for the ecosystem.

The central role of banks is being challenged
Over the past decade, due to huge advances in technology, changes to regulation, customer demand and a levelling of the commerce playing field, an entirely new industry of payments technology has emerged.

This has created a plethora of new and innovative solutions for consumers and merchants alike. Yet so many of a bank's assets are stronger than ever - data, technology, relationships. Whilst decades of change have made some less visible, the central role of the bank has never changed.

We help banks create ecosystems to defend and extend
We partner with banks to bring out their best. To unleash the power of their networks - reconnecting the bank to merchants, merchants to consumers, and consumers back to the bank.

Helping banks rediscover their strengths and uncover opportunity, we work with a bank's legacy platforms to launch new services that reinvent the payments and financial services sector.

We apply this power to work with, not against, the industry.