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About Quadmark

We are a creative training and enablement agency that builds unique learning experiences for our clients’ employees, partners and customers.

As specialists in sales enablement and training design, we partner with clients to understand the root of their challenges, and advise on solutions to meet the changing needs of their employees, partners and customers. We design training programmes, experiences and tools that truly drive change, focusing on the "what's in it for me?" to ensure that the learner is always at the centre and the business outcome is the north star. We deliver the change our clients are looking for, whether it’s an online or in-person training, an onboarding programme or product campaign. Our expert trainers and experienced programme managers bring bags of passion and charisma, challenging behaviours to maximise learning.

"The name Quadmark reflects the two dimensions of what we do. We develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in business, and aim to be at the centre of learning — sometimes represented by the quad on a university campus. Quadmark also wants what we do to make an impact — represented by the mark "

Kevin McGrath, CEO, Founder

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